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About Simplix

Simplix specializes in bringing electronic data interchange (EDI) to the business community. Simplix clients are able to register as trading partners with the U.S. federal government quickly and easily.

Simplix-W, a World Wide Web (WWW) based system, allows you to enter bids from any Web browser that supports forms. You can register as a trading partner with the federal government, enter bids, receive purchase orders, and receive award notices, as well as send and receive text messages.

Choosing Simplix

To help with inquiries regarding EDI and why Simplix is the right choice for doing business with the federal government, we provide answers to the most frequently asked questions.

+ Simplix-W Pricing

+ List of Current Sites

+ PTAC's, ECRC's, and government agencies, write to free@simplix.com to receive test account login and password.

Take a Look Around


If you are already a Simplix-W Client, you can go straight to your Client-Account Home Page.


Take a quick look at what the federal goverment is buying right now by FSC Category or by CBD Category.


Free registration with FACNET: register as a trading partner with the federal government now.


If have questions that are not covered by these web pages, tell us a little about yourself and what additional information you would like to receive.


Simplix clients can take advantage of SSL encryption for enhanced security. If you're not sure if your browser supports SSL, we have a test that can help.

[Visa/MC Accepted]
Register as a Simplix-W client.


The Web-based EDI Solution

If your Web browser supports forms (and most do), you can use Simplix-W. The best way to get a feel for the Simplix-W Web pages is to take a look for yourself. Using the guest account, you can see what Federal Supply Classes (FSC) contain requests for quotes (RFQ). You can also see what items those RFQ's contain.

On-line registration for Simplix-W is simple and fast.

What You Need

To run Simplix-W, you need nothing more than:
  • A connection to the Internet
  • A World Wide Web (WWW) browser
If you're looking at this document on-line, then you've got all that you need!

You control what you receive

Simplix-W can be configured with parameters giving you a broad view of FSC classes. You can adjust these parameters to expand or reduce the number of Requests For Quotes (RFQs) you receive.

[Get Firefox!] The Simplix web site is best viewed with Firefox. If you don't have it, we suggest that you get a copy.

Contact Information

2925 Bond Street
Rochester Hills, MI 48309-3517

Phone: +1 248 740 8150
Toll-Free: +1 800 SIMPLIX
FAX: +1 248 740 8180

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