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HQ USMC, Arlington                      Arlington, VA
OPTEC, Ft Hood, TX                      Ft. Hood, TX
1 CONS, Langley AFB                     Hampton, VA 
113th DC ANG Contracting Office WG/LGC  Andrews AFB, MD 
11th Contracting Squadron               Bolling AFB, DC
12 CONS/LGC                             Peterson AFB, CO
180th Fighter Wing Toledo ANG           Swanton, OH
22 CONS March AFB                       March AFB
26th Quartermaster Company 		Bosnia
39 CONS, Incirlik AB                    Incirlik, TU
438 MAW, McGuire AFB                    Wrightstown, NJ
5th Signal Cmd HQ                       Germany     
81st Regional Support Command           Birmingham, AL
89th Cons, Andrews AFB                  MD
AMC Acquistion Center                   Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD
AMCOM/AIR                               Redstone Arsenal, AL
ANG CRTC - Gulfport                     Gulfport, MS
AREFW March AFB                         CA
ASO - Philadelphia                      Philadelphia, PA
Aberdeen Proving Ground Support         Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD
Aberdeen Proving Ground                 Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD
Agriculture Resource Services           Greenbelt,  MD
Altus AFB                               Altus, OK
Andersen AFB  Guam                      Guam
Andrews AFB 				MD
Anniston Army Depot 			Anniston, AL
Armament Research, Dev. & Eng. Center   Picatinny Arsenal, NJ
Army Atlantic Contracting Center        Ft. McPherson, GA
Army Depot Tooele                       UT
Army Material Command HQ       
Army Missile Command (MICOM)   
Army Soldier Systmes Command            Natick, MA
Army Space Command                      Colorado Springs, CO     
Army Tank & Automotive Command
Aviano AB Italy                         Aviano, IT
Aviano AFB                              Italy              
BOR 					Phoenix, AZ
BOR - Mid Pacific RO 			Sacramento, CA
BOR ACS Denver                          Denver, CO             
BOR Billings, MT AO                     Billings, MT
BOR Bismark, ND AO                      Bismark, ND
BOR Boulder City, CO AO                 Boulder City, CO
BOR Carson City, NV AO                  Carson City, NV 
BOR Cntr Folsom, CA (AO)                Folsom, CA 
BOR Denver                              Denver, CO
BOR Durango                             Durango, CO
BOR Eastern Loveland,CO AO              Eastern Loveland, CO
BOR Farmington Fld Div,NM               NM
BOR Flaming Gorge DutchJhn,UT           UT
BOR Glen Canyon Page,AZ                 AZ
BOR Grand Coulee,WA Power AO            WA
BOR Great Plains (RO)                   Billings, MT
BOR LC Dams Hoover Dam BC,CO            CO
BOR Mid Pacific (RO) Sacr,CA            Sacramento, CA
BOR Mills,WY AO                         WY
BOR N.CA (AO) Shasta,CA                 Shasta, CA
BOR Oklahoma/Texas AO                   
BOR Pacific NW Region                   Boise, ID
BOR Pheonix,AZ AO                       AZ
BOR Provo AO                            
BOR Snake Rvr Wst, AO                   Boise, ID
BOR Socorro                             NM
BOR Tracy                               CA                   
BOR Upper CO RO                
BOR Uppr Columbia AO Yakima             Yakima, WA
BOR Western CO, Grand Junction          Grand Junction
BOR Yuma,AZ AO                          Yuma, AZ
Barksdale AFB                           Shreveport, LA
Beale AFB, CA                           Marysville, CA 
Bergstrom AFB                           TX
Bitburg AFB, Germany                    Germany
Bluegrass Army Depot                    Lexington, KY 
Bolling AFB 				Washington, DC
Brooke Army Medical Center (BAMC) 	Fort Sam Houston, TX
Brooks AFB                              San Antonio, TX
Bureau of Census                        Suitland, MD
Bureau of Land Management 		Las Cruces, NM
Bureau of Mines 			Washington, DC
Bureau of Mines (DOI) 			Denver, CO
Bureau of Mines (DOI) 			Pittsburgh, PA
Bureau of Prisons HQ                    Washington, DC
Bureau of Reclamation 			Denver, CO
Bureau of Reclamation 			Grand Coulee, WA
Bureau of Reclamation 			Shasta, CA
Bureau of the Census
CECOM Acquistion Center Southwest OPS   Ft Huachuca, AZ
Camp Hialeah                            Pusan             
Canadian Electronic Tendering  
Cannon AFB 				NM
Canon AFB                               Clovis, NM
Carlisle Barracks 			Carlisle, PA
Carswell AFB, TX                        TX
Census / Dept of Commerce      
Central Contractor Registration (CCR)   Columbus, OH
Charles Melvin Price Support Center 	Granite City, IL
Charleston AFB 				SC
Charleston AFB                          Charleston, SC 
City of Columbus, OH"                   Columbus, OH 
City of Dearborn                        Dearborn, MI             
City of Highland Park                   Highland Park, MI        
City of Riverview                       Riverview, MI            
Coast Guard                      
Coast Systems NSWC 			Panama City, FL
Columbus AFB                            Columbus, MS
Consolidated Farm Services Agency       Washington, DC
Consumer Product Safety                 MD    
Consumer Product Safety Commission
Contract Registration Sys        
Corpus Christi Army Depot 		Corpus Christi, TX
County of Wayne, MI                     Wayne County, MI
Crane Army Ammunition Activity 		Crane, IN
Crane Naval Surface Warfare 		Crane, IN
Croughton AB                            UK
DCSC Columbus Center             
DCSC SPEDE 				Columbus, OH
DEFENSE SUPPLY SERVICE                  Washington, DC
DESC DPACS                       
DESC SPEDE                       
DESC SPEDE Columbus OH         
DFAS - Cleveland (processed at DFAS OPLOC Charleston)        Charleston, SC
DFAS - Columbus (processed at DMC-Columbus)                  Columbus, OH
DFAS - Indianapolis (processed at DMC-Chambersburg)          Chambersburg, PA
DFSC DPACS                       
DFSC SPEDE                       
DGS Procurement Div              
DGSC DPACS                       
DISA Gateway                    
DISA Test Center                
DISC DPACS 				Philadelphia, PA
DISC Public quotes 			Philadelphia, PA
DISC SPEDE Philadelphia,PA              Philadelphia, PA                
DKIFIC & Presidio of Mont               Presido of Monterey, CA   
DLIFIC & POM 				Presido of Monterey, CA
DLSC DPACS                       
DLSC SPEDE                       
DOC Fort Bliss                          TX
DOC Fort Irwin                          CA
DOC Fort Richie                         MD
DOC Ft Devens,MA                        MA 
DOE Atlus AFB                  
DOE Jonesboro                           Jonesboro, AR 
DOE Pitt PA                             Pittsburgh, PA 
DOE Richland                            Richland, WA
DPSC DPACS                       
DPSC SPEDE                       
DSCC DPACS Columbus                     Columbus, OH 
DSCC SPEDE Columbus                     Columbus, OH 
DSCR DPACS (formerly DGSC)     
DSCR DPACS (formerly DGSC)       
DSCR SPEDE (formerly DGSC)     
DSCR SPEDE (formerly DGSC)       
DSSW Def Supply Pentagon                Washington DC 
Davis-Monthan AFB                       Tuscon, AZ
Def Sup. Serv. Wash (DSSW) Pentagon     Washington, DC
Defense Commisary Agency         
Defense Commisary Agency (DECA) 	Fort Lee, VA
Defense Commissary Agency Acq. Bus. Unit Ft. Lee, VA
Defense Commissary Agency East Serv Cntr Ft. Lee, VA
Defense Contract Management Command     87 sites (various locations)
Defense Distribution Depot 		San Diego, CA
Defense Finance & Accounting Service ASO/CPO Arlington      Arlington, VA
Defense Finance & Accounting Service ASO/CSO-FSO  Columbus  Columbus, OH
Defense Finance & Accounting Service CL/CSO Cleveland       Cleveland, OH
Defense Finance & Accounting Service CSO-FSO  Indianapolis  Indianapolis, IN
Defense Finance & Accounting Service Denver                 Denver, CO
Defense Finance & Accounting Service HQ CSO                 Arlington, VA
Defense Finance & Accounting Service Indianapolis           Indianapolis, IN
Defense Finance & Accounting Service Kansas City            Kansas City, MO
Defense Finance & Accounting Services Dayton                Dayton, OH
Defense Finance & Accounting Services Denver Center         Denver, CO
Defense Finance & Accounting Services Denver/OF             Denver, CO
Defense Finance & Accounting Services Japan                 Yokoto AFB, Japan
Defense Finance & Accounting Services Limestone             Limestone, ME
Defense Finance & Accounting Services Omaha                 Omaha, NB
Defense Finance & Accounting Services Orlando               Orlando, FL
Defense Finance & Accounting Services Osan/F                Osan AFB, Korea
Defense Finance & Accounting Services Pacific               Honolulu, HI
Defense Finance & Accounting Services Ramstein              Ramstein AFB, Germany
Defense Finance & Accounting Services San Antonio           San Antonio, TX
Defense Finance & Accounting Services San Bernadino         San Bernadino, CA
Defense Industrial Supply Ctr  
Defense Information Technical Contracting Organization       St. Louis, MO
Defense Language Institute              Monterey, CA
Defense Logistics Agency 		Boston, MA
Defense Mapping Agency                  Fairfax, VA    
Defense Supply Center Columbus          Columbus, OH
Defense Supply Center Richmond          Richmond, VA
Defense Supply Services			Washington, DC
Department of Agriculture 		Washington, DC
Department of Commerce Gateway        
Department of Contracting, Ft. Ritchie  Ft. Ritchie, VA
Department of Education 		Washington, DC
Department of Energy 			Pittsburgh, PA
Department of Energy 			Richland, WA
Department of Energy, Ohio              Miamisburg, OH
Department of Energy, WA                Richland, WA 
Department of Geography & Env Eng       
Department of Justice 			Washington, DC
Department of Justice - Forfeiture   
Department of Justice - Mngmnt Div.    
Department of Justice-Management Div.
Department of Labor 			Washington, DC
Department of Labor Washington         
Department of State 			Springfield, VA
Department of Transportation           
Department of Vet Affairs Op Ctr        
Department of the Treasury 		Washington, DC
Det 4, 7000 CONS, England               England 
Detroit Ent. LLC (CircusCircus)  
Detroit Regional Chamber                Detroit, MI
Diplomatic Telecommunications Service
Director of Contracting Ft Stewart      Ft. Steward, GA
Director of Contracting Ft. Irvin       Ft. Irwin, CA
Director of Contracting, Ft Stewart     Ft. Stewart, GA
Directorate of Contracting              Ft. Gordon, GA
Directorate of Contracting Ft Polk      Ft. Polk, LA
Directorate of Contracting Ft. Dix      Ft. Dix, NJ
Directorate of Contracting Ft. Eustis   Ft. Eustis, VA
Directorate of Contracting, Ft Sill     Ft Sill, OK
Dover AFB                               Dover, DE
Dugway Proving Ground                   Dugway, UT
Dyess AFB                               Abilene, TX
EPA 					Washington, DC
EPA, Washington DC                      Washington, DC 
ESC/PKO                                 Hanscom AFB, MA
Eaker AFB                               AR
Edwards AFB                             Edwards, CA 
Eglin AFB                               Valpariso, FL
Eielson AFB                             Fairbanks, AK
Eisenhower Army Medical Center 		Fort Gordon, GA
Electronic Posting System (EPS)  
Ellsworth AFB 				Ellsworth, SD
Ellsworth AFB                           Rapid City, SD
Elmendorf AFB                           Anchorage, AK 
Engineer District                       AL          
Engineer District                       TN          
Engineer District, TX                   Fort Worth, TX
England AFB                             LA                
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)   Research Triangle Park, NC
Environmental Resource                  FL     
Equal Employment Opportunity Comm.      Washington, DC
European Regional Medical Command C.Cell Europe
Executive Office of the President
Export Import Bank                      Washington, DC
F.E. Warren AFB                         Cheyenne, WY
FBI Headquarters                        Washington, DC
FISC 					Puget Sound, WA
FISC 					San Diego, CA
Fairchild AFB                           Spokane, WA 
Falcon AFB                              Colorado Springs, CO
Falcon AFS 				Colorado Springs, CO
Fed Communication Comm. (WDC)           Washington, DC
Fed Supply Service                      Arlington, VA            
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission    Washington, DC
Federal Supply Service                  Arlington, VA
Federal Trade Comm. (WDC)               Washington, DC 
Feltwell AB                             UK (England)
Fish and Wildlife                       Anchorage, AK
Fitzsimmons Army Medical Center 	Aurora, CO
Fleet & Industrial Supply Center (via NECO) Norfolk, VA
Fleet Ind Supply                        Jacksonville, FL   
Food and Drug / Health & Human Services        
Food and Drug Administration
Fort Belvoir 				VA
Fort Belvoir INSCOM                     Ft. Belvoir, VA
Fort Belvoir, Military District of Wash.Ft. Belvoir, VA
Fort Benning Infantry Center 	 	GA
Fort Bliss DOC 				Ft. Bliss, TX
Fort Bragg                              Ft. Bragg, NC
Fort Buchanon Contracting Office        Puerto, Rico
Fort Campbell                           Ft. Campbell, KY
Fort Carson                             Ft. Carson, CO
Fort Detrick (DAMD17)                   Ft. Detrick, MD
Fort Devens                             Ft. Devens, MA
Fort Dix                                Ft. Dix, NJ
Fort Drum 				Watertown, NY
Fort Drum                               Ft. Drum, KY
Fort Eustis                             Ft. Eustis, VA                  
Fort Gordon Signal Center 		Ft. Gordon, GA
Fort Hamilton                           Ft Hamilton, NY
Fort Hood                               Ft. Hood, TX
Fort Huachuca 				Sierra Vista, AZ
Fort Huachuca (DAAB32)                  Ft. Huachuca, AZ
Fort Indiantown                         Anville, PA       
Fort Irwin 				Coalinga, CA
Fort Knox Armor Center 			Fort Knox, KY
Fort Leavenworth 	 		KS
Fort Lee 				Petersburg, VA
Fort Leonard Wood                       MO            
Fort Lewis (DAKF57)                     Ft. Lewis, WA
Fort McCoy                              Ft. McCoy, WI
Fort McPherson 				GA
Fort McPherson Contracting Div. 	Atlanta, GA
Fort Meade                              Ft. Meade, MD
Fort Meade-MDW 				Ft. Meade, MD
Fort Polk 				Leesville, LA
Fort Polk Dir of Contracting      
Fort Richardson                         Ft. Richardson, AK
Fort Richie DOC 			Ft. Richie, MD
Fort Riley                              Ft. Riley, KS
Fort Ritchie 				MD
Fort Rucker 	 			AL
Fort Sam Houston                        TX             
Fort Sam Houston - Med. Div. 		TX
Fort Shafter                            Ft. Shafter, HI
Fort Sill 				OK
Fort Stewart 				GA
GATEC ECWEB                      
GSA (General Services)
GSA Gateway                     
GSA Information Office                  Arlington, VA
GSA Shenandoah                          Philadelphia, PA 
GSA/Chief Information Office     
GSA/FSS Finance Office                  Washington, DC
GUNTER AF Gateway               
General Services Administration
George AFB, CA                          CA
Goodfellow AFB                          San Angelo, TX
Goodfellow AFB                          TX             
Grand Forks AFB                         Emerado, ND 
Grand Forks AFB                         ND            
Great Plains Contracting Office         El Paso, TX
Greater Columbus Women's Business Dev Ctr Columbus,OH
Griffiss AFB                            NY               
Gulfport Naval Construction Battalion Ctr Gulfport, MS
HQ 5th Signal Command 			Germany
HQ ACC, Langley AFB                     Hampton, VA 
HQ CSC, Tinker AFB"                     Oklahoma City, OK 
HQ MTMC, FIPS Branch 			Falls Church, VA
HQ MTMC, Ft. Belvoir             
HQ USAFE, Ramstein AB                   Ramstein, GE
HQS. Military Traffic Management Command Falls Church, VA
HQS. Military Traffic Management Command Acquisition Division Falls Church, VA
HQS. Military Traffic Management Command Program Support Division  Falls Church, VA
HRSA Contract Policy and Ops     
Hanscom AFB                             Bedford, MA 
Headquarters USMC 			Arlington, VA
Health & Human Services Gtwy    
Health Care Finance Administration
Health and Human Services        
Health and Human Srvcs (WDC)            Washington, DC
Hickam AFB                              Oahu, HI 
Hill AFB                                Ogden, UT              
Hill AFB UT - Ops Contr                 Ogden, UT
Hill AFB UT - Test Lab                  Odgen, UT
Holloman AFB                            Alamogordo, NM
Homestead AFB                           FL              
Howard AFB                              Panama             
Huntsville Corps of Engineers 		Huntsville, AL
Hurlburt Field 				Ft. Walton Beach, FL
Hurlburt Field                          Hurlburt Field, FL 
ICPS (Air Force Nonappropriated Funds Purchasing Office (AFNAFPO)) CA
IRS 			                Oxon Hill, MD
IRS Detroit Computing Center     
IRS Martinsburg Comp Ctr                WV    
IRS Midstates Reg Kansas                CT    
IRS NE Region New York                  NY      
IRS Proc Nat Offc                       Oxen Hill, MD 
IRS SE Region                           Atlanta, GA      
IRS Western Region                      Kansas, CT   
Immigration and Naturalization 		Dallas, TX
Incirlik AFB 				Turkey
Izembek Nat Wldlf                       Cold Bay, AK  
Izmar AB                                Turkey                
Izmir AB, Turkey                        Izmir, Turkey
K.I. Sawyer AFB                         MI            
Kadena AB                               Kadena, Japan 
Kadena AB                               Japan               
Keesler AFB                             Biloxi, MS
Kelly AFB 				San Antonio, TX
Kennedy Center Agency                   Washington, DC
Kentucky Air National Guard 123 AW      Louisville KY
Kirtland AFB                            Albuquerque, NM
LAJES, McGuire AFB                      Wrightstown, NJ
Lackland AFB                            San Antonio, TX
Langley AFB                             VA                
Langley AFB - ACC CONS                  VA     
Laughlin AFB                            Del Rio, TX
Laughlin AFB                            TX               
Letterkenny Army Depot 			Chambersburg, PA
Little Rock AFB                         Little Rock, AK
Loring AFB                              ME                 
Los Angeles AFB                         Los Angeles, CA 
Lowry AFB                               CO                  
Luke AFB                                Glendale, AZ
MARCORRESFOR NO                  
MC Headquarters                         VA            
MCAGCC, 29 Palms                        CA          
MCAS Cherry Pt                          NC             
MCB Camp Butler                         Japan         
MCB Camp Lejeune                        NC           
MCB Camp Pendelton            
MCB Parris Island                       SC          
MCCDC Quantico                          Quantico, VA
MCLOGB Albany                           GA              
MCLOGB Barstow                          CA             
MDW-Army Military District Cameron      Cameron Station, Alexandria, VA
MEDCOM Contracting Center               Ft. Sam Houston, TX
MMS 				        New Orleans, LA
MTMC Oakland Army Base                  CA      
MTMC-Western Area 		        Oakland, CA
MacDill AFB                             Tampa, FL                
Mades I                         
Mades II                        
Madigan Army Hospital 		        Tacoma, WA
Malmstrom AFB                           Great Falls, MT
Marine Corps Logistics Base 	        Albany, GA
Marines                                 Kansas City, MO        
Maxwell AFB                             Montgomery, AL
Maxwell-Gunter Annex 			Maxwell AFB, AL
Maxwell-Gunter Annex                    Montgomery, AL
McAlester Army Ammo Plant               McAlester, OK 
McAlester Army Ammunition Plant         OK
McChord AFB                             Tacoma, WA 
McClellan AFB, CA                       Sacramento, CA 
McConnell AFB                           Wichita. KS
McCord AFB                              WA                 
McGhee Tyson ANG                        Louisville, TN 
McGuire AFB                             NJ                
Merit Systems Prot Brd WDC              Washington, DC
Merit Systems Protection Board          Washington, DC
Mil Traffic Mgt Command Eastern Area    Bayonne, NJ
Mil Traffic Mgt Command Western Area    Oakland, CA
Mil Traffic Mgt Command, Bayonne        Bayonne, NJ
Mil Traffic Mgt Command, SC             Charleston, SC
Mil Traffic Mgt Command, Sonny Pt       Sonny Pt., NC
Military Academy, West Point  
Military District of Washington         Ft Belvoir, VA
Military Management Command             Washington, DC
Mineral Management Service  		New Orleans, LA
Mineral Management Services 		Houston, TX
Mineral Management Services (DOI) 	Herndon, VA
Mineral Mgt New Orleans                 New Orleans, LA     
Minot AFB 				Minot, ND
Misawa AB                               Misawa, Japan 
Mission Cntrt Activity at Ft. Leavenworth Ft. Leavenworth, KS
Moody AFB, GA                           Valdosta, GA 
Moron AB                                Moron, Spain                
Mountain Home AFB                       Mountain Home, ID
NAB Little Creek                        Norfolk VA   
NASA Headquarters              
NASA Johnson Space Center      
NASA Johnson Space Flight Center
NASAHQ Gateway                  
NAVFAC                                  Ft. Worth, TX
NAVICP (Mechanicsburg, PA)              Mechanicsburg, PA
NAVSEA                                  Washington, DC
NAVSEA Systems                 
NAWCWD 					China Lake, CA
NIH Decentr Proc                        Rockville, MD    
NIH-Central Procurement 		Bethesda, MD
NLSC (Mechanicsburg, PA)                Mechanicsburg, PA
NSWC Pt. Hueneme                        Pt. Hueneme, CA
Nat Defense University           
Nat Inst of Health                      Rockville, MD 
Nat Mediation Board, WDC                Washington, DC
Nat Science Foundation           
Natick R&D                              Boston, MA          
National Defense University             Washington, DC
National Defense University (NDU) 	Washington, DC
National Finance Center                 New Orleans, LA 
National Guard Bureau 			Falls Church, VA
National Institute of Health - Central Contracting    Rockville, MD
National Institute of Health Office of Procurement    MD
National Mediation Board                Washington, DC
National Naval Medical Center 		Bethesda, MD
National Resources Conservation Center  Ft. Worth, TX 
National Science Foundation  HQ. 	Arlington, VA
Naval Air Station (NAS) 		Fallon, NV
Naval Hospital 				North Charleston, SC
Naval Hospital Charleston               Charleston, SC   
Naval Med Ctr Portsmouth                Portsmouth, VA    
Naval Med Ctr San Diego                 San Diego, CA             
Naval Medical Center 			Portsmouth, VA
Naval Medical Center 			San Diego, CA
Naval Pub Works Jacksonville            Jacksonville, FL   
Naval Public Works Com. 		Jacksonville, FL
Naval Research Center
Naval Security Group                    Ft Meade, MD
Naval Security Station
Naval Security Station (WDC)            Washington, DC
Naval Surface Warfare Center 		Carderock, MD
Naval Surface Warfare Center  		Dalghren, VA
Naval Surface Warfare Center    	Daghren, VA
Naval Training Center            
Naval Undersea Warfare Center 		Newport, RI
Naval Undrsea Wrfr Keyport              Keyport, WA
Navy Exchange Service Command  
Navy Medical Hospital            
Navy Oceanographic
Navy Pblc Wrks GrtLakes                 IL 
Navy Post-Graduate School 		Monterey, CA
Navy Public Works Center 		Great Lakes, IL
Navy Public Works Center 		Pearl Harbor, HI
Navy Ship Yard Norfolk                  Norfolk, VA 
Navy Strategic Sys, Arlington           Arlington, VA  
Navy Training Ctr                
Nellis AFB                              Las Vegas, NV
Norfolk Navy Ship Yard 			Norfolk, VA
Norton AFB, CA                          CA
Nuclear Regulatory Commission           Rockville, MD
OCHAMPUS-DoD, Denver                    Denver, CO        
OPM Headquarters (WDC)                  Washington, DC
OPTEC, Ft Hood, TX                      Ft. Hood, TX
Odgen ALC A/C Contr                     Ogden, UT
Odgen ALC Test Lab                      Ogden, UT
Office of Naval Research                Arlington, VA
Office of the Secretary (HHS) 		Washington, DC
Offutt AFB                              Omaha, NB
Ogden ALC                               UT
Oklahoma City ALC                       Oklahoma City, OK
Onizuka AFB                             Sunnyvale, CA 
Pacific Regional Contracting Office, HI Tripler AMC, HI
Patent and Trademark Office 		Arlington, VA
Patrick AFB                             Cocoa Beach, FL
Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation
Pentagon 				Washington, DC
Peterson AFB 				Colorado Springs, CO
Picatinny Arsenal 	 		NJ
Plattsburg AFB                          NY             
Pope AFB                                Fayetteville, NC 
Port Hueneme (SACFED) 			Port Hueneme, CA
Procurement Automation Inst      
Public Health Service 			Rockville, MD
RAF Bentwaters                          England        
RAF Upper Hayford                       England     
RAF Upwood 				England
RAF Upwood/Alconbury                    UK        
RAF, Upwood AB                          Alconbury, UK
RCO Bad Kreuznach                       Germany
RCO Benelux                             Belgium           
RCO Grafenwoehr                         Germany
RCO Seckenheim                          Seckenheim, Germany
RCO Vicenza                             Vicenza, Italy
RCO Vinenza                             Italy             
RCO Wicabaden                           Germany         
RCO Wuerzburg                           Germany
RCO Wuerzburg Suboffice 		Europe
Ramstein AB 				Germany
Ramstein AB - HQ USAFE 			Germany
Randolph AFB 				San Antonio, TX
Randolph AFB                            Randolph AFB, TX
Randolph AFB                            Universal City, TX
Red River Army Depot 			Texarkana, TX
Reese AFB                               Lubbock, TX
Rhein Ordnance Barracks, Ramstein AB    Ramstein, GE
Robins AFB                              GA                 
Rock Island Arsenal                     Rock Island, IL 
Rocky Mountain Arsenal 			Los Angeles, CA
Rocky Mountain Arsenal                  Commerce City, CO
Sacramento ALC                          Sacramento, CA
Sacramento ALC, CA (DG)          
San Antonio ALC                         San Antonio, TX
San Antonio ALC                         TX            
Scott AFB                               Bellville, IL 
SeaAdsa (Navy)                          MD              
Selfridge Air National Guard            Selfrigdge, Michigan
Seymour Johnson AFB 			NC
Seymour-Johnson AFB, NC                 Goldsboro, NC
Shaw AFB, 9th Air Force                 SC 
Shaw AFB, SC                            Sumter, SC 
Sheppard AFB 				TX
Sheppard AFB                            Wichita Falls, TX
Sierra Army Depot                       Herlong, CA 
Small Business Administration           Washington, DC
Social Security Administration              
South Central AO                        Fresno, CA    
South Western Power Administration      Tulsa, OK
Southeast Regional Contracting Office   Ft. Gordon, GA
Spangdalem AB                           Spangdalem, GE
Special Operations Command              Tampa Bay, FL
Special Operations Command              Tampa, FL
State Dep-Acquisitions, VA              VA      
State Dept.-Acquistions Office 	        VA
State Dept.-Federal Building            VA
State and Local Government       
State of California                     CA      
State of Colorado                       C0
State of Colorado - Boulder Cty         Boulder City, CO
State of Georgia DAS                    GA
State of Hawaii                         HI
State of Texas GSC                      TX
Stuttgart Contracting Sub-Office        Stuttgart, Germany
TACOM                                   Warren, MI
TASA - Television Audio Support Activity Sacramento, CA
TECOM White Sands Missile Range         White Sands, NM
TECOM White Sands Mssl                  NM      
TECOM Yuma Proving Ground               Yuma, AZ
TRADOC Carlisle, PA Barracks            PA
TRADOC Contracting                      Ft. Eustis, VA
TRADOC Contracting Agency 		Fort Eustis, VA
TRADOC Fort Eustic                      VA         
TRADOC-Carlisle Barracks                Carlisle Barracks, PA
Tank-Automotive Command                 Warren, MI
Television-Audio Support Activity 	CA
Tenessee Air National Guard 118th Air Lift Wing              Nashville, TN 
Tennessee Air National Guard            Nashville, TN 
Tinker AFB 				Oklahoma City, OK
Tinker Headquarters 			Oklahoma City, OK
Tobyhanna Army Depot 			Tobyhanna, PA
Tobyhanna, Pennsylvania                 Tobyhanna, Pennsylvania
Tooele Army Depot 			Tooele, UT
Travis AFB                              Fairfield, CA 
Tripler Army Medical Center 		Honolulu, HI
Tyndall AFB 				Panama City, FL
U.S. Army Garrison 			Fort Richardson, AK
U.S. Army Information, Fort Huachuca 	AZ
U.S. Army Medical Research Acquisition 	MD
U.S. Army Research Laboratory           Adelphi, MD
U.S. Army Soldier Systems Command       Natick, MA
U.S. Army Space Command 		Colorado Springs, CO
U.S. Army Support Command 		HI
U.S. Dept. of Energy 			Jonesboro, AR
U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission 	Rockville, MD
U.S. Patent and Trademark Office 	Washington, DC
US Army ARDEC Picatinny                 Picatinny Arsenal, NJ
US Army Chemical and Military Police Centers Fort McClellan
US Army Comm & Elect Cmd                GA    
US Army Comm & Elect Cmd,GA      
US Army Comm. & Electronics Cmd         Ft Monmouth, NJ  
US Army Info Fort Huachuca              AZ  
US Army Info Fort Huachuca,AZ    
US Army Materiel Command Acquisition Ctr  Adelphi, MD
US Army Medical Dept Board 		Fort Sam Houston, TX
US Army Medical Research Acq. 
US Army Medical Research Acq.    
US Army Missile Command (MICOM) 	Redstone Arsenal, AL
US Army Space and Missile Defense Command Huntsville, AL
US Army Support Command                 HI    
US Army Support Command, HI      
US Army Tank & Automotive Command (TACOM)  Warren, MI
US Army Training Center 		Ft Jackson, SC
US Army Trng Ctr Ft Jackson             SC 
US Army Yuma Proving Ground             Yuma, AZ
US Border Patrol Air Operations Ctr 	TX
US Coast Guard                   
US Cold Reg R&E                         Hannover, NH    
US Customs 				Indianapolis, IN
US Dept of Education             
US Embassy (Bonn Germany)        
US Embassy (Bonn Germany)               Bonn, Germany 
US Eng Waterways                        Vicksburg,MS  
US Eng Waterways Vicksburg,MS    
US Fish & Wildlife                      Hadley, MA   
US Forest Service                       Nevada City, CA 
US Geological Survey (DOI) 		Denver, CO
US Geological Survey (DOI) 		Menlo Park
US Geological Survey (DOI) 		Reston, VA
US Information Agency (WDC)             Washington, DC
US Inter Trade Cmmsn (1)         
US International Trade Commission       Washington, DC
US Naval Observatory 			Washington, DC
US Office of Personnel Management   
US Property & Fiscal Offc,WDC           Washington, DC
US Property & Fiscal Office Alabama     Montgomery, AL
US Property & Fiscal Office Alaska      Ft. Richardson, AK
US Property & Fiscal Office Arizona     Phoenix, AZ
US Property & Fiscal Office Arkansas    North Little Rock, AR
US Property & Fiscal Office Colorado    Golden, CO
US Property & Fiscal Office Connecticut Hartford, CT
US Property & Fiscal Office DC          Falls Church, VA
US Property & Fiscal Office Delaware    New Castle, DE
US Property & Fiscal Office D. of Columbia Washingtom, DC
US Property & Fiscal Office Georgia     Atlanta, GA
US Property & Fiscal Office Hawaii      Honolulu, HI
US Property & Fiscal Office Idaho       Boise, ID
US Property & Fiscal Office Illinois    Springfield, IL
US Property & Fiscal Office Indiana     Indianapolis, IN
US Property & Fiscal Office Iowa        Johnston, IA
US Property & Fiscal Office Kansas      Topeka, KS
US Property & Fiscal Office Kentucky    Frankfort, KY
US Property & Fiscal Office Louisana HQ Jackson Barracks (NGB)   New Orleans, LA
US Property & Fiscal Office Maine       Augusta, ME
US Property & Fiscal Office Maryland    Havre de Grace, MD
US Property & Fiscal Office MA          Natick, MA
US Property & Fiscal Office Michigan    Lansing, MI
US Property & Fiscal Office Minnesota   Little Falls, MN
US Property & Fiscal Office Mississippi Jackson, MS
US Property & Fiscal Office Missouri    Jefferson City, MO
US Property & Fiscal Office Montana     Helena, MT
US Property & Fiscal Office Nebraska    Lincoln, NE
US Property & Fiscal Office Nevada      Carson City, NV
US Property & Fiscal Office NH          Concord, NH
US Property & Fiscal Office New Jersey  Lawrenceville, NJ
US Property & Fiscal Office New Mexico  Santa Fe, NM
US Property & Fiscal Office New York    Latham, NY
US Property & Fiscal Office NC          Raleigh, NC
US Property & Fiscal Office ND          Bismark, ND
US Property & Fiscal Office Ohio        Columbus, OH
US Property & Fiscal Office Oklahoma    Oklahoma City, OK
US Property & Fiscal Office PA          Annville, PA
US Property & Fiscal Office Puerto Rico San Juan, Puerto Rico
US Property & Fiscal Office RI          Providence, RI
US Property & Fiscal Office SC          Columbia, SC
US Property & Fiscal Office SD          Rapid City, SD
US Property & Fiscal Office Tennessee   Nashville, TN
US Property & Fiscal Office Texas       Austin, TX
US Property & Fiscal Office Utah        Draper, UT
US Property & Fiscal Office Virginia    Richmond, VA
US Property & Fiscal Office Washington  Tacoma, WA
US Property & Fiscal Office WV          WV
US Property & Fiscal Office Wisconsin   Camp Douglass, WI
US Property & Fiscal Office Wyoming     WY
US Railrd Rtrmt                         Chicago,IL     
US Rock Island Arsenal                  Rock Island, IL
USA Aberdeen Proving Ground Support 	MD
USA Air Defense Artillery Center        Ft. Bliss, TX
USA Armament and Chemical Acquisition & Logistics Activity   Rock Island, IL
USA Armament, Munitions, & Chemical Cmd Rock Island, IL 
USA Armor Center and Ft. Knox           Ft. Knox, Ky
USA Aviation Center Contracting Office  Ft. Rucker, AL
USA Aviation and Troop Command          St. Louis, MO
USA Chemical and Biological Defense Cmd Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD
USA Chemical and Military Police Cntrs  Ft. McClellan, AL
USA Cold Regions Research & Eng Lab     Hanover, NH
USA Combined Arms Center                Ft. Leavenworth, KS
USA Combined Arms Support Command       Ft. Lee, VA
USA Communications-Electronics 		Fort Monmouth, NJ
USA Communications-Electronics Command  Ft. Monmouth, NJ
USA Communications-Electronics Command  Vint Hill Farms Station, Warrenton, VA
USA Contracting Command                 Seoul, Korea
USA Eng Div - Pacific Ocean      
USA Engineer District 			Albuquerque, NM
USA Engineer District 			Anchorage, AK
USA Engineer District 			Baltimore, MD
USA Engineer District 			Buffalo, NY
USA Engineer District 			Champaign, IL
USA Engineer District 			Charleston, SC
USA Engineer District 			Detroit, MI
USA Engineer District 			Fort Worth, TX
USA Engineer District 			Ft. Worth, TX
USA Engineer District 			Galveston, TX
USA Engineer District 			Omaha
USA Engineer District 			Pacific Ocean, HI
USA Engineer District 			Pittsburgh, PA
USA Engineer District 			Portland, OR
USA Engineer District 			Rock Island, IL
USA Engineer District 			Sacramento, CA
USA Engineer District 			San Francisco, CA
USA Engineer District 			Savannah, GA
USA Engineer District 			Seattle, WA
USA Engineer District 			St. Louis, MO
USA Engineer District 			Tulsa, OK
USA Engineer District 			Vicksburg, MS
USA Engineer District 			Walla Walla, WA
USA Engineer District 			Wilmington
USA Engineer Division--Pacific Ocean 	Ft. Shafter, HI
USA Engineer Waterways Experiment Station Vicksburg, MS
USA Engineer, Transatlantic Division 	Winchester, VA
USA Engineering Center                  Ft. Leonard Wood, MO
USA Field Artillery and Ft. Sill        Ft. Sill, OK
USA Health Services Command (DADA10)    Ft. Sam Houston, TX
USA Humphreys Engineer Center 		Fort Belvoir, VA
USA Industrial Operations Command       Rock Island, IL
USA Infantry Center and Ft. Benning     Ft. Benning, GA
USA Information Systems Command         Ft. Huachuca, AZ
USA Information Systems Command Contracting Office           Ft. Huachuca, AZ
USA Medical R & D Command               Fredrick, MD
USA Military Academy 			West Point, NY
USA Military District of Washington DC  Alexandria, VA
USA Missile Command                     Redstone Arsenal, AL
USA Natick R.,D. and E. Center 		Natick, MA
USA Research Lab                        Adelphi, MD    
USA Signal Center and Ft. Gordon        Ft. Gordon, GA
USA Southern Command                    Miami, FL
USA Support Command, Hawaii             Ft. Shafter, HI
USA Tank-Automotive Command             Warren, MI
USA Training Center and Ft. Jackson     Ft. Jackson, SC
USA White Sands Missile Range 		White Sands, NM
USA Yuma Proving Ground 		Yuma, AZ
USACMI&MPCEN&FM Ft McCellan             AL 
USACOE 					Japan
USACOE 					Los Angeles, CA
USACOE 					St. Paul, MN
USACOE Alaska                           Anchorage, AK
USACOE Albuquerque                      Albuquerque, NM         
USACOE Anchorage                        Anchorage, AK           
USACOE Baltimore                        Baltimore, MD           
USACOE Buffalo                          Buffalo, NY             
USACOE Champaign                        Champaign, IL           
USACOE Charleston                       Charleston, SC          
USACOE Construction Eng Research Lab    Champaign, IL
USACOE Detroit                          Detroit, MI             
USACOE Europe                           Germany
USACOE Far East                         Seoul, Korea
USACOE Fort Worth                       Ft. Worth, TX
USACOE Galveston                        Galveston, TX           
USACOE Humphreys Support Activity Cntr  Ft. Belvoir, VA
USACOE Huntington                       Huntington, WV          
USACOE Huntsville                       Huntsville, AL          
USACOE Jacksonville                     Jacksonville, FL        
USACOE Japan                            Japan                   
USACOE Kansas City                      Kansas City, KS         
USACOE Little Rock                      Little Rock, AR          
USACOE Los Angeles                      Los Angeles, CA         
USACOE Louisville                       Louisville, KY          
USACOE Memphis                          Memphis, TN             
USACOE Mobile                           Mobile, AL
USACOE Nashville                        Nashville, TN
USACOE New England                      Concord, MA
USACOE New Orleans                      New Orleans, LA         
USACOE New York                         New York, NY
USACOE Norfolk                          Norfolk, VA             
USACOE Omaha                            Omaha, NE               
USACOE Pacific Ocean                    Ft. Shafter, HI
USACOE Philadelphia                     Philadelphia, PA        
USACOE Pittsburgh                       Pittsburgh, PA
USACOE Portland                         Portland, OR            
USACOE Rock Island                      Rock Island, IL         
USACOE Sacramento                       Sacramento, CA          
USACOE San Francisco                    San Francisco, CA       
USACOE Savannah                         Savannah, GA            
USACOE Seattle                          Seattle, WA             
USACOE Seoul, Korea                     Seoul, Korea     
USACOE St. Louis                        St. Louis, MO
USACOE St. Paul                         St. Paul, MN             
USACOE TransAtl Prgr                    Germany   
USACOE TransAtl Winchester              Winchester 
USACOE TransAtlantic Progr. Ctr.        Germany
USACOE Transatlantic Division           Winchester, VA
USACOE Tulsa                            Tulsa, OK               
USACOE Vicksburg                        Vicksburg, MS           
USACOE Walla Walla                      Walla Walla, WA         
USACOE Wilmington                       Wilmington, NC          
USAED Baltimore                         Baltimore, MD            
USAED Mobile                            Mobile,AL                
USAED Sacramento                        Sacramento,CA            
USAED Seattle                           Seattle, WA               
USAED St. Louis                         St. Louis,MO             
USAED Tulsa                             Tulsa, OK                
USAF Academy 				Denver, CO
USAF Academy                            Colorado Springs, CO
USAG SOCO-CO-S Director of Contracting  Panama 
USAID (WDC)                             Washington, DC 
USAREUR Contracting Cell                Hungary  
USAREUR Deployable Contracting Cell     Hungary
USDA (WDC)                              Washington, DC 
USDA Forest                             Nevada City, CA     
USDA Forest Service 			Ft. Collins, CO
USDA Fort Worth                         Fort Worth, TX            
USDA Res Greenbet                       MD          
USDI Bureau of Reclamation       
USFPO 					Latham, NY
USGS Denver, CO (DOI)                   Denver, CO
USGS Menlo Park (DOI)                   Menlo Park
USGS Reston, VA (DOI)                   Reston, VA
USIA 					Washington, DC
USPFO 					Annville, PA
USPFO 					Fort Richardson, AK
USPFO 					Indianapolis, IN
USPFO 					Lansing, MI
USPFO 					Springfield, IL
USPFO Alabama (Montgomery)              Montgomery, AL
USPFO Alaska (NGB)                      AK
USPFO Altanta, GA                       Atlanta, GA
USPFO Annville, PA                      Annville, PA
USPFO Arizona (NGB)                     AZ
USPFO Augusta, ME (NGB)                 Augusta, ME
USPFO Bismarck, ND                      Bismarck, ND
USPFO Boise, ID (NGB)                   Boise, ID
USPFO Buckhannon, WV (NGB)              Buckhannon, WV
USPFO Building Jackson Barracks 	New Orleans, LA
USPFO Camp Douglass, WI (NGB)           WI
USPFO Carson City, Nevada               Carson City, NV 
USPFO Colorado (NGB)                    C0
USPFO Columbia                          SC              
USPFO Columbus, OH (NGB)                Columbus, OH
USPFO Concord, NH (NGB)                 Concord, NH
USPFO DC (Natl Guard Bur)               VA    
USPFO Ft Worth,TX (NGB)                 Ft. Worth, TX
USPFO Hartford,CT (NGB)                 Hartford, CT
USPFO Helena,MT (NGB)                   Helena, MT
USPFO Indianapolis                      Indianapolis, IN         
USPFO Iowa (NGB)                        IA
USPFO Jefferson City, MO (NGB)          Jefferson City, MO 
USPFO Lansing                           Lansing, MI               
USPFO Latham                            Latham, NY                
USPFO Little Falls MN Ripley            MN 
USPFO Little Rock                       Little Rock, AK           
USPFO Maryland                   
USPFO Mississippi                       MS
USPFO Missouri 			        Jefferson City, MO
USPFO Nashville, TN (NGB)               Nashville, TN 
USPFO Natick                            Natick, MA                  
USPFO Nebraska (NGB)                    NE
USPFO New Orleans, LA (NGB)             New Orleans, LA
USPFO Oklahoma 				Oklahoma City, OK
USPFO Providence, RI (NGB)              Providence, RI
USPFO Raleigh, NC (NGB)                 Raleigh, NC
USPFO Rapid City, SD (NGB)              Rapid City, SD
USPFO Rhode Island 			Providence, RI
USPFO Santa Fe                          Santa Fe, NM             
USPFO South Carolina 			Columbia, SC
USPFO Springfield                       Springfield, IL          
USPFO Tacoma, WA (NGB)                  Tacoma, WA
USPFO Topeka, KS (NGB)                  Topeka, KS
USPFO Utah (NGB)                        UT
USPFO Virginia (NGB)                    VA 
USPFO Wisconsin (NGB)                   WI
USPFO for Alabama 			Montgomery, AL
USPFO for Arizona 			Phoenix, AZ
USPFO for Arkansas 			Little Rock, AR
USPFO for Connecticut 			Hartford, CT
USPFO for Georgia 			Atlanta, GA
USPFO for Idaho 			Boise, ID
USPFO for Iowa 				Johnston, IA
USPFO for Minnesota 			Little Falls, MN
USPFO for New Hampshire 		Concord, NH
USPFO for New Jersey                    NJ
USPFO for New Mexico 			Santa Fe, NM
USPFO for North Carolina 		Raleigh, NC
USPFO for Ohio 				Columbus, OH
USPFO for South Dakota 			Rapids City, SD
USPFO for Tennessee 			Nashville, TN
USPFO for Texas 			Austin, TX
USPFO for West Virginia 		Buckhannon, WV
USPFO for Wisconsin 			Camp Douglas, WI
United States Military Academy          West Point, NY
VA Medical Center LB 			Long Beach, CA
Vandenberg AFB  CA                      Lompoc, CA 
Veterans Affairs               
Veterans Affairs Registration    
Virginia Contracting Activity--DIA
W. Beaumont Army Medical Cntr    
WMATA (Wash. Metro Auth.)               Washington, DC
Walter Reed Army Medical Center 	Washington, DC
Warner-Robbins AFB, GA                  Warner-Robins, GA
Warner-Robbins ALC                      Warner-Robbins, GA
Washington Metro Authority       
Watervliet Arsenal                      Watervliet, NY
Wayne County Comm. College Dstr         Wayne County, MI
Western Area Power Administration 	Denver, CO
Western Power                    
Western Regional Contracting Office     Tacoma, WA
Whiteman AFB                            Knobnoster, MO
Wicabaden Regional Contracting Center 	Europe
William Beaumont Army Medical Center 	El Paso, TX
Wright Patterson AFB 			Dayton, OH
Yokota AB                               Yokota, Japan 

Effective 20-Dec-99

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