Mission, Values, and Guiding Principles

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Mission, Values, and Guiding Principles


We are committed to bringing buyers and sellers together in order to establish mutually beneficial business relationships between all parties. By creating a standardized, common interface to EDI processing, we will reduce the amount of time and effort needed fulfill the buyers' and sellers' needs.


To achieve the best possible level of service to our clients, whether they be buyers or sellers, we strive for:

  • Ease-of-Use - Whatever task a clients is engaged in, we must make it as effortless as possible.

  • Reliability - When a clients needs us, we must be there. Sellers must be able to submit bids, and buyers must be able to request bids and place orders, at any time of the day.

  • Availability - If a business opportunity exists, we strive to make it available to our clients. This means constant vigilance in searching out new markets and applying EDI techniques to those markets.

  • Accuracy - When a message is sent, we must do everything in our power to ensure it reaches its destination.

  • Speed - We must strive to deliver opportunities, and responses to those opportunities, as quickly as current technologies will allow.

By placing a high value on these features of our services, we will ensure that EDI serves as a powerful tool in the hands of our clients.

Guiding Principles____________________

In pursuing Simplix's mission, our actions are guided by the following principles:

  • Adapt the product to the client. The client's job should be made easier whenever possible. We will focus on the client's needs and strive for excellence in all of our efforts.

  • Services must continually improve. No product or service can achieve a "good enough" state; we are always looking for ways to improve the quality of what Simplix has to offer.

  • Our personnel must be learning continuously. Only by exploring new ways of doing can we gain the necessary knowledge for improving our products and services.

  • Integrity is never compromised. The clients must have faith in Simplix and what we do. It is vital that that we never do anything to jeopardize that faith. If we make a mistake, we will own up to it. If others make mistakes, we expect them to do likewise. In this way, we can quickly move beyond finger-pointing and on toward solving problems that may arise.

  • All individuals are to be treated as we wish to be treated. This principle guides how we treat our clients, our employees, and our competitors.

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2925 Bond Street
Rochester Hills, MI 48309-3517

Phone: +1 248 740 8150
Toll-Free: +1 800 SIMPLIX
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