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Who Qualifies?

Simplix specializes in bringing electronic data interchange (EDI) to the business community. At this time, only government buyers, prime contractors for federal agencies, and buyers from non-profit agencies are eligible to use the network to issue Public Requests for Quotations.

U.S. Federal Government, state governments, local governments, and non-profit agencies can use Simplix to solicit bids for the supplies and services they require. Buyers are able to register quickly and easily.

Our World Wide Web (WWW) based system allows you to enter requests for quotations (RFQs) from any Web browser that supports forms. Your RFQs will be seen by sellers worldwide. The service will automatically flag the lowest bid and allow you to issue electronic purchase orders to the winners. Contract award notices are sent to alert the vendor community as to who won and the winning price. You will also be able to send and receive text messages.

Choosing Simplix

Why use Simplix? Simply put, Simplix EDI services offer unparalleled efficiency and ease-of-use.

+ Meet electronic posting requirements painlessly.

+ Increase competition and lower your costs. Goods purchased through Simplix buyer accounts typically cost less than the same items purchased through a GSA schedule!

+ Meet record-keeping requirements with ease. Does your agency require you to keep copies of your paperwork for years on end? Simplix permamently archives your electronic transactions -- you won't need storage space and your file clerk will thank you.

PTAC's, ECRC's, and government agencies, write to free@simplix.com to receive a login and password for the demo account.

[Get Firefox!] The Simplix web site is best viewed with Firefox. If you don't have it, we suggest that you get a copy.

Contact Information

2925 Bond Street
Rochester Hills, MI 48309-3517

Phone: +1 248 740 8150
Toll-Free: +1 800 SIMPLIX
FAX: +1 248 740 8180

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