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Simplix and the Year 2000

and Y2K

Why 2K?

Many computer systems, especially those created when storage space was expensive, store dates using a 2-digit year. When the year 1999 turns into 2000, these 2-digit years will roll from 99 to 00. For systems trying to do comparisons between dates, this presents a problem.

Simplix is vigilant and prepared for the Year 2000.

Simplix has designed it systems with an eye toward minimizing the impact of the 1999-2000 rollover. Our internal systems do not rely on 2-digit years; we do not expect any problems in these systems.

Simplix processes data from other, possibly non-compliant sources.

Most of the data we receive conforms to ANSI X12.3010 and X12.3050 standards, which do not allow for the use of a 4-digit year. This may cause difficulties for other systems which receive this data.

Do Not Be

Simplix is working to minimize the effects of non-compliant data.

In order to minimize the effects of non-compliant data, we have been analyzing the programs which deal with dates containing 2-digit years. These programs are being reviewed and updated to correctly interpret such dates. We are continually monitoring our systems to make sure that dates are properly handled.

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