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Units of Issue (UI) used in Electronic Data Interchange

Units of Issue

AM -- Ampoule
A small glass or plastic tube sealed by fusion after filling.

AT -- Assortment
A collection of a variety of items that fall into a category or class packaged as a small unit constituting a single item of supply. Used only when the term assortment is a part of the item name.

AY -- Assembly
A collection of parts assembled to form a complete unit, constituting a single item of supply, e.g., hose assembly. Used only when the term assembly is a part of the item name.

BA -- Ball
A spherical-shaped mass of material such as twine or thread.

BD -- Bundle
A quantity of the same item tied together without compression.

BE -- Bale
A shaped unit of compressible materials bound with cord or metal ties and usually wrapped, e.g., paper and cloth rags.

BF -- Board Foot
A unit of measure for lumber equal to the volume of a board 12" x 12" x 1".

BG -- Bag
A flexible container of various sizes and shapes which is fabricated from such materials as paper, plastic or textiles. This term includes sack and pouch.

BK -- Book
A book-like package, such as labels or tickets, fastened together along one edge, usually between protective covers.

BL -- Barrel
A cylindrical container, metal or wood, with sides that bulge outward and flat ends or heads of equal diameter. This term includes keg.

BO -- Bolt
A flat fold of fabric having a stiff paperboard core.

BR -- Bar
A solid piece or block of various materials, with its length greater than its other dimensions, e.g., solder. This term is not applicable to items such as soap, beeswax, or buffing compounds.

BT -- Bottle
A glass, plastic, or earthenware container of various sizes, shapes, and finishes such as jugs but excluding jars, ampoules, vials, and carboys, with a closure for retention of contents.

BX -- Box
A rigid, three dimensional container of various sizes and material. This term includes case, carton, tray, and crate.

CA -- Cartridge
Usually a tubular receptacle containing loose or pliable material and designed to permit ready insertion into an apparatus for dispensing the material. This term is usually associated with adhesives and sealing compounds.

CB -- Carboy
A heavy duty, bottle-type container used for transportation and storage of liquids. A Carboy is usually designed to be encased in a rigid protective outer container for shipment.

CD -- Cubic Yard
A unit of cubic measure.

CE -- Cone
A cone-shaped mass of material wound on itself such as twine or thread, wound on a conical core.

CF -- Cubic Foot
A unit of cubic measure.

CK -- Cake
A block of compacted or congealed matter. This term is applied to such items as soap, and buffing compound.

CL -- Coil
An arrangement of material such as wire, rope, and tubing wound in a circular shape.

CN -- Can
A rigid receptacle made of fibre, metal, plastic, or a combination thereof. Cans may be cylindrical or any number of irregular shapes. Use of this term is restricted to items which cannot be issued in less than container quantity. This term includes pail and canister. This term is not used when the packaged quantity equates to a unit of measure, i.e., pint, quart, gallon, ounce, or pound.

CO -- Container
A general term for use only when an item is permitted to be packaged for issue in optional containers, e.g., bottle or tube for a single national stock number.

CY -- Cylinder
A rigid, cylindrical, metal container designed as a portable container for storage and transportation of compressed gasses, generally equipped with protected valve closure and pressure relief safety device.

CZ -- Cubic Meter
A unit of cubic measure expressed in the metric system of measurement. This term is limited in application to locally assigned stock numbers used in the local procurement of items such as ready-mix concrete and asphalt in oversea areas where the metric system prevails.

DR -- Drum
A Cylindrical container designed as an exterior pack for storing and shipping bulk materials, e.g., fuels, chemicals, powders, etc. Drums may be made of metal, rubber, polyethylene or plywood, or fibre with wooden, metal, or fibre ends.

DZ -- Dozen
Twelve (12) of an item of supply.

EA -- Each
A numeric quantity of one item of supply. This term is not meant to be used if a more specific term applies, such as kit, set, assortment, assembly, group, sheet, plate, strip, or length.

FT -- Foot
Unit of linear measurement, sometimes expressed as linear foot.

FV -- Five
Five (5) of an item.

FY -- Fifty
Fifty (50) of an item.

GL -- Gallon
Unit of liquid measurement.

GP -- Group
A collection of related items issued as a single item of supply, e.g., test set group. This abbreviation is used only when the term group is a part of the item name.

GR -- Gross
One hundred forty-four (144) of an item.

HD -- Hundred
One hundred (100) of an item.

HK -- Hank
A loop of yarn or roping, containing definite yardage, e.g., cotton, 840 yards; worsted, 560 yards. See skein for comparison.

IN -- Inch
Unit of linear measurement, equivalent to 1/12 of a foot and sometimes expressed as linear inch.

JR -- Jar
A rigid container having a wide mouth and often no neck, typically made of earthenware or glass. This term excludes bottle.

KT -- Kit
A collection of related items issued as a single item of supply, such as the tools, instruments, repair parts, instruction sheets and often supplies typically carried in a box or bag. This term also includes selected collections of equipment components, tools, and/or materials for the repair, overhaul, or modification of equipment. This abbreviation is used only when the term kit is a part of the item name.

LB -- Pound
A unit of avoirdupois weight measure equivalent to 16 ounces.

LG -- Length
This term applies to items issued in fixed or specific linear measurement, without deviation. LG no longer applies to random lengths which will be expressed in definitive units of linear measure such as foot or yard. This abbreviation excludes strip.

LI -- Liter
A unit of liquid measure expressed in the metric system of measurement.

MC -- Thousand Cubic Feet
A unit of cubic measure expressed in one thousand (1,000) increments.

ME -- Meal
The measure of food generally taken by an individual at one time.

MR -- Meter
A unit of linear measure expressed in the metric system of measurement, equivalent to 39.37 inches.

MX -- Thousand
One thousand (1,000) of an item.

OT -- Outfit
A collection of related items issued as a single item of supply, such as the tools, instruments, materials, equipment, and/or instruction manual(s) for the practice of a trade or profession or for the carrying out of a particular project or function. This abbreviation is use only when the term outfit is a part of the item name.

OZ -- Ounce
A unit of liquid or avoirdupois weight.

PD -- Pad
Multiple sheets of paper that are stacked together and fastened at one end by sealing.

PG -- Package
A form of protective wrapping for two or more of the same item of supply. This abbreviation is used only when a unit of measure or container type term is not applicable. PG includes envelope.

PM -- Plate
A flat piece of square or rectangular-shaped metal of uniform thickness, usually 1/4 inch or more. This abbreviation is used only when plate (FSCs 9515 and 9535) is used in an item name to denote shape.

PR -- Pair
Two similar corresponding items, e.g., gloves, shoes, bearings; or items integrally fabricated of two corresponding parts, e.g., trouser, shears, goggles.

PT -- Pint
A unit of liquid or dry measure.

PZ -- Packet
A container used for subsistence items. This term is used only when food packet is part of the item name (FSG 89).

QT -- Quart
A unit of liquid or dry measure.

RA -- Ration
The food allowance of one person for one day. This term is used only when ration (FSC 8970) is a part of the item name.

RL -- Reel
A cylindrical core on which a flexible material, such as wire or cable, is wound. Reels usually have flanged ends.

RM -- Ream
A quantity of paper varying from 480 to 516 sheets, depending upon grade.

RO -- Roll
A cylindrical configuration of flexible material which has been rolled on itself such as textiles, tape, abrasive paper, photosensitive paper and film, and may utilize a core with or without flanges.

SD -- Skid
A pallet-like platform consisting of a load-bearing area fastened to and resting on runner type supports.

SE -- Set
A collection of matched or related items issued as a single item of supply, i.e., tool sets, instrument sets, and matched sets. This abbreviation is used only when the term set is a part of the item name.

SF -- Square Foot
A unit of square measure (area).

SH -- Sheet
A flat piece of rectangular-shaped material of uniform thickness that is very thin in relation to its length and width, such as metal, plastic, paper, and plywood. The use of this term is not limited to any group of items or FSCs, however, it will always be applied when sheet is used in the item name to denote shape, e.g., aluminum alloy sheet, except items in FSC 7210.

SK -- Skein
A loop of yarn 120 yards in length, usually wound on a 54-inch circular core. See hank for comparison.

SL -- Spool
A cylindrical form with an edge or rim at each end and an axial hole for a pin or spindle on which a flexible material such as thread or wire is wound.

SO -- Shot
A unit of linear measurement, usually applied to anchor chain; equivalent to 15 fathoms (90 ft).

SP -- Strip
A relatively narrow, flat length of material, uniform in width, such as paper, wood, and metal. This abbreviation is used only when the term strip is a part of the item name.

SX -- Stick
Material in a relatively long and slender, often cylindrical form for ease of application or use, e.g., abrasives.

SY -- Square Yard
A unit of square measure (area).

TD -- Twenty-Four
Twenty-four (24) of an item.

TE -- Ten
Ten (10) of an item.

TF -- Twenty-Five
Twenty-five (25) of an item.

TN -- Ton
The equivalent of 2000 lbs. This term includes short ton and net ton.

TO -- Troy Ounce
A unit of troy weight measure, based on 12-ounce pound, generally applied to weights of precious metals

UI -- Unit of Issue
A code indicating the physical measurement, the count or, when neither is applicable, the container or shape of an item for purposes of requisitioning by, and issue to, the end-user; and is that element of management data to which the unit price is ascribed. (FLIS Volume 10, Table 53.)

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