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Five Reasons EDI-to-Fax is not a Good Idea


Why not use an EDI-to-FAX service?

  1. Cost: EDI-to-Fax is more expensive than EDI service with Simplix.

  2. Bid Tracking: How do you know your bids were delivered? Without tracking there is no way to know for sure. Simplix offers the most up-to-date tracking information of any EDI service; EDI-to-FAX offers little or no tracking.

  3. Authenticity: Who is responsible when disputes arise? The agency sending in your bid, or you? Simplix lets you communicate with buyers directly.

  4. Security: What if someone pretends to be you and sends in a fax under your company name? Through the use of RSA encryption and client account passwords, Simplix helps certify that it your bids originated with you and not an impostor.

  5. CCR Registration: Using EDI-to-Fax does not ensure registration with the Central Contract Registration Service (CCR). Without proper registration, your bids may not be selected.

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