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Keyword Profiling

Keywords Help Maximize Your Opportunities

Keyword profiling represents a powerful and flexible way to specify what you are looking for. We have made the keyword process as user-friendly as possible in order to help you get the most out of it.

When using keywords, keep in mind:

  • Each keyword (or key phrase) will still go onto a line by itself.

  • Case will continue to be irrelevant. CAT or cat will match CaT and caT etc.

Wildcard Matching

Keyword processing recognizes two special "wildcard" characters:

    ? matches zero or one character.

    * matches a string of zero or more characters up to the end of a word.

For example:
What It Matches
bat will match the word bat and nothing else.
It will be deliminated by spaces, punctuation, new lines etc.
bat? will match bat or bats,
but not batch.
bat?? will match bat, bats, or batch,
but not batteries
bat* will match bat, bats, batch, batteries, etc.
In other words, any single word beginning with the letters b-a-t.
*bate will match rebate, abate, probate, etc.
In other words, any single word ending with the letters b-a-t-e.
*bat?? will match rebate and rebates.

Specifying Effective Keywords

What are good keywords? The answer depends on what goods and services your company offers. You may want to use:

  • Your company name, product name, or cage code
  • The company name and/or the cage code of your suppliers
  • The name and/or cage code of your competitors
  • A manufacturer name and/or cage code
  • A particular model number
  • Specific industry terms

You can test your keywords using the Simplix Search option on your client account home page. (Note that the Simplix Search does not currently support wildcard characters.)

There are two sets of keywords. It is important that you understand that keywords match all listings. There is no limitation by federal supply class or by geographic location. It is also important to understand that there are two distinct sets of keywords.

  • Keywords for RFQs - These keywords will match electronically biddable items. Here you will probably want more specific terms. National Stock Numbers (NSNs), CAGE codes, product names, etc.

  • Keywords for CBD and other text opportunities - Including Commerce Business Daily, state and local opportunities, FedBizOpps (formerly EPS), Canadian opportunities (MERX) and others. These keywords match text-based opportunities that are not biddable via normal EDI channels. You will probably want a more general term here.

To see the maximum number of opportunities you need to use keywords for both lists.

Case is irrelevant -- do not concern yourself about upper and lowercase. However 0 (zero) and O (oh) are different as are 1 (one) and l (el).

Examples of Good Keywords

CAGE code 0W489 Just the CAGE code and nothing else.

?W489 If you are concerned that someone will type an O instead of a 0, you can use the ? wildcard in its place. This will match 0W489 and oW489, but will also match FW489 and 9W489.
National Stock Number
123?45?678?9012 This will match any of the following:

    123 45 678 9012

Partial word matches tre* This will match tree and tread.

*tre* This will match tree, tread, distress, etc.
Multiple word matches fresh fruit* This will match any of the following:

    fresh fruit
    fresh fruits
    fresh fruitcake

but will not match:

    fresh green fruit

fruit??cake This will match any of the following:

    fruit cake
    fruit, cake

but will not match:

    fruit!! cake
    fruit-flavored cake


Examples of BAD Keywords

Lists of words frog, cat, dog, This will only work if the entire phrase is found in the message. In other words, it will not find:

    cat, dog
    frog, cat
    frog, cat, dog?
The only thing it will find is:

    frog, cat, dog,
Be sure to put each keyword (or key phrase) on a line by itself.

Quoted words "frog" This will only work if the word or phrase is appears surrounded by double qoutes in the message. In other words, it will not find:

The only thing it will find is:

Do not put special character in the keywork (or key phrase) unless you want to look for those specific special characters.


We will ignore keywords that do not contain at least 2 alphanumeric characters or 4 numbers.

A maximum of 3000 keywords may be entered for each set of keywords (Keyword by RFQ and Keyword by CBD).

FSC matches will not be duplicated by keyword matches. If you are using FSC and the keyword is contained in that message you will only receive one copy of the message.

[Get Firefox!] The Simplix web site is best viewed with Firefox. If you don't have it, we suggest that you get a copy.

Contact Information

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Phone: +1 248 740 8150
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